Core Values

How we conduct our business is just as important as what we do.

Our core values are the principles that guide us daily in helping deliver satisfaction to our customers. Our values enrich our lives – personal and professional – and inspire the shared vision. These shared attributes are critical to our continued success.


Dealing honestly and fairly. We demonstrate high moral standard, character, honesty, fairness and unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.


Being a trusted supplier. We keep our promises and are committed to doing business the right way.


Creating new ideas and innovative products. We sustain a positive work environment that fosters energy, creativity and a strong passion for excellence. Our employees are committed to identifying progressive solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Activity focused

Getting things done. We firmly believe in having a focus on getting things, for the right people, in the right way and at the right time. Our team is young, focused and energetic – we have fun at work, but always remain highly effective.

Service oriented

Putting the customer first – but we really do understand what the means. We think about the problem as the customer sees it, from their perspective. Together we design solutions, product and ideas, which reflect our customers` needs.

Excellent at every contact

Being consistently excellent in service delivery. We give our absolute best effort, striving to maintain the highest standards in terms of service and quality.

Company Vision

Being the most innovative and respected health insurance services provider for excellence customer service, enduring partnership with intermediaries, and highly professional way of conducting business in Indonesia.

Company Mission

ISPC constantly creates innovative products and services to keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of our clients. We aim for product and service excellence at all times. We are also constantly improving our systems, processes and procedures, and maintaining a service-oriented working environment with our employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners.

Our main focus on the needs of our customers continuously drives us to improve quality through our services and products. We have built a reputation for excellence by listening to our customers, understanding their needs and delivering products, services and solutions that help change our customers` life.

We are driven to create and maintain an environment where people respect each other`s rights and dignities and inspired to work as a team towards the attainment of our goals. We also ensure that the working environment is pleasant and fair to all parties


  • Provide customers and providers with a consistently good service quality and experience.

  • Differentiate ourselves from our competitors through innovative distribution channel strategy and innovative product and service development.

  • Put the customer first.

  • Keep the customer and their needs at the Centre of our business.