Message From CEO

Welcome on behalf of the Pacific Cross Indonesia Team.

Our team has been developing services to our existing and future clients and partners for more than a decade now. Building up competencies and providing support have forged us to be a positive and knowledgeable team highly capable of delivering flexible quality services to our customers.

Our focus has always been on providing excellent customer service, enriching partnerships, and being digitally fit and foremost. We are keen on conducting business in Indonesia in a highly professional manner with support from our regional operations across Southeast Asia.

We constantly strive to create innovative, digitally supported, service-oriented operation. By developing innovative products and services we are able to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment and meet the demands of our clients. We always aim at product and service excellence. Over the years our company has built a reputation for excellence by listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and delivering tailor-made products, services and solutions that help to change our customers’ lives. Based on our core values we work as a team towards the attainment of our goals to create and maintain an environment where people respect each other’s rights, values and are fair to all parties.

We look forward to growing with you in the future – growing in scope, product range and services, and most importantly, growing in knowledge of you as our customer or as our partner. This way we will always be able to be by your side as the one who can assist you at the time when you most need help.

Please explore our website, and make sure you contact us for anything you need regarding your health care, high quality lifestyle and good health practices.

Robert Laszlo
President Director