Our Services

Product Development And Support

We can provide for designing and creating product to meet a set of need and also give advices about the product design look like.

Re-Insurance Program

Our close relationship with Reinsurance allows us to participate in the reinsurance of any plans in this product scheme. For this, partner will have a reinsurance treaty with Reinsurance, and Pacific Cross will have a Pacific Cross act as retrocessionaire for Reinsurance.

Policy Administration

This includes but not limited to New Business data entry, data enrollment, policy fulfillment, and ongoing administration.

Claim Administration

This include but not limited to data validation process, claim analysis process – starting from daily case monitoring, claim adjudication, until claim approval process, for both reimbursement and cashless procedures.

TPA Relationship Management

We may help in maintaining close working relationship with the chosen Third Party Administration provider to ensure smooth claim management process.

IT – System

Our health insurance management system will be used to support the policy administration and claim analysis process, ensuring clients data to be recorded correctly.

Customer Services

Provision of all customer service function as needed, including but not limited to customer hotline number, claim handling and customer complaint handling.