Customize Service

Tool Kit


We can provide a market analysis for related products which are updated based on our market mapping as well as our own experience.


We have established our health insurance system which can support and run smoothly both for individual and group business.


We can provide and support training courses about the products, procedures including but not limited to sales strategies which are related to the products for operations team as well as training of trainers (TOT).

Overseas Assistance

Together with our provider, we can provide assistance for customers who have treatment overseas including concierge and any related help.

Third Party Administration

We may help in maintaining close working relationship with the chosen Third Party Administration provider to ensure an effective claim management process.

New Business and Underwriting

We can help manage New Business and Underwriting processes including but not limited to providing Underwriting guidelines.

Web Service

We have web-based services including online products and claims processes.

Claims administration

This is including but not limited to data validation and claim analysis processing – starting from daily case monitoring, claim adjudication, until claim approval process, for both reimbursement and cashless procedures.

Policy administration

This is including but not limited to new business data entry, data enrollment, policy fulfillment, and ongoing administration.

Customer service

Provision of all customer service functions as needed, would include for instance customer care hotline number, claims and complaints handling.

Emergency assistance

We can provide this service which can include bundling to your related product in any emergency situations through our emergency assistance provider.

Product development

We can provide design features and tailor-made products to meet a set of needs and also give advice about how the product design looks like.

Reinsurance program

Our close relationship with reinsurance company allows us to participate in any reinsurance plans in this product scheme. For this, our partner will have a reinsurance treaty with reinsurance, and Pacific Cross will have a Pacific Cross act as retrocessionaire for reinsurance.

Case management

We have hotline service dedicated to help manage claim services among customers, TPA providers as well as hospitals.

Relationship Management

We will provide a dedicated relationship manager to maintain this partnership.

System analysis

We will help in analyzing procedures or business process in order to identify its goals, purposes and procedures that will be achieved in an efficient way.


We will develop products which are suitable to the partner’s needs and competitive in the market.

IT system

Our health insurance management system will be used  to support the policy administration and claim analysis processing, ensuring that partners data will be recorded correctly.

Billing network

We can help our partners with their billing settlement to the hospital without having direct agreement among partners and the hospital providers.

Medical team

We have our own medical team both in underwriting and claims department to ensure that all the medical issues can be more accurate to process both areas including but not limited to supporting partner’s events such as Health Talk and free medical checkup.


We can help our partners in providing the assistance concerning the pricing, benefit table, and the terms and conditions of the product that we develop.

Investigation Team

We can develop and provide a dedicated claims investigation team for claim cases which need a further investigation.

Marketing information

We can provide all information related to our product branding, campaign, company’s positioning and also marketing strategies.

Financial Administration

We can help in supporting all financial data and reports for both parties; the partner and also the reinsurance company.

Sales support

We can provide support to you together with our partner’s sales team by giving sales training, making sales strategies and also developing our dedicated sales team for our partners.