We are delighted to announce the signing of a Business Services Agreement and a joint partnership with FPG Insurance, Indonesia. The agreement was signed by Michael Peat, President Director of FPG Indonesia, and Peter Phelan, President Director of ISPC, the local arm of Pacific Cross International.

The original risk-sharing partnership between FPG Insurance and ISPC was dissolved in 2018 after many years together, but a strong friendship was maintained and good relationships exist. In 2020 FPG Insurance was impressed by the development and strength of the TPA business as ISPC and discussions began to participate in that business, culminating in the signing of our new TPA agreement. And to the delight of all, we wrote our first joint case (first of many) with FPG Insurance in December, welcoming the new group health insurance client Trakindo to our customer base.

Michael Peat is well known to us, as a good friend of our Company, and was previously the President Director of QBE Pool Indonesia – he has many contacts and experience in helping us grow our business together. We can look forward in 2021 to substantial development of the FPG Insurance and ISPC relationship – let’s bring together many more clients and business throughout the year!