21 February 2019
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Career Information

If you are proactive, forward thinking and innovative, consider a career in ISPC as a health insurance agent. ISPC provides excellent opportunities for people looking for challenge. We can list many reason why a career as a health insurance agent can be personally rewarding and fulfilling.

Why became health insurance agent's ?

  1. Unlimited earning potential
  2. be entrepreneur by your own
  3. Take control of your success formula
  4. balance life (good income and help peoples)
  5. Advantages of have dual career path

Why became our health insurance agent's ?

  1. We have deep historical roots in a tradition of providing health insurance to the people of Asia,
  2. We have unique competencies in the provision of medical, which have been honed over decades of experience in these specific markets
  3. We are widely known reputation for quality service amongst clients
  4. we have been part of a wider group of insurance companies that specializing in operation across Asia.
  5. As a expertise in health insurance organization we will support you to be a successful agent.

Contact us for your success

PT. International Services Pacific Cross

Chase Plaza 19th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 21, Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta 12920, Indonesia

Phone : (6221) 2598 9878
Fax : (6221) 2598 9879
E-mail  : directsales@pic-indo.com
Contact person : Upie Marliana (ext. 133)

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