11 April 2021
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Company Profile
Core Values
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Core Values

The strength of the insurance related industry is based, in part, on industry members providing advice and services to the public and partners in a competent and professional manner. The underlying principle of all insurance related business is utmost good faith. To command the confidence and respect of the public, the insurance industry must maintain a reputation for integrity, competence and good faith.

Company Vision

To be the most innovative and respected health insurance and insurance service provider in Indonesia

Company Mission

  1. Create and innovative and service oriented company which respects its employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners.
  2. Provide high value services and products which change the lives of our customers.


  1. Provide customers and providers with a consistently good service quality and experience.
  2. Differentiate ourselves from our competitors through innovative distribution channel strategy and innovative product and service development.
  3. Put the customer first.
  4. Keep the customer and their needs at the centre of our business.


We adhere to the following values:

  1. Integrity – Always deal honestly and fairly.
  2. Trustworthy – Be a trusted supplier.
  3. Innovation – Create new ideas and products.
  4. Activity focused – Getting things done.
  5. Service orientation – Put the customer first always.
  6. Excellent at every contact – Be consistently excellent in service delivery.
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